Campus Energy Conservation Program

You’ve Got the Power - to help Georgetown save!

Program Overview

Unplug It Small A key component of Georgetown's energy conservation efforts is a voluntary curtailment program designed to engage faculty and staff in helping meet the university’s environmental stewardship goals. Through small individual actions, you can help GU meet our Carbon Commitment and other sustainability goals.

When outdoor temperatures rise above 90 degrees, the university asks all employees to switch off lights, unplug unused devices, and take other steps to minimize the use of power on campus.  The university's Office of Planning and Facilities Management helps make it easy by sending reminders when temperatures climb.

In the program's first year, over 400 faculty and staff members made a pledge to save energy, demonstrating the commitment of our university community to helping save energy and create a sustainable campus.

Did you know? Experts estimate that through simple actions in the workplace, employees can cut a building's electricity demand by up to 15%!

Take the Pledge!

Click here to take the Georgetown Energy Conservation Pledge. Research shows that by making a pledge to action, individuals are more likely to carry through, so your commitment helps make a real difference on campus. As a bonus, you'll be entered to win a Nest Learning Thermostat for your home or a solar-powered charger for your mobile devices! Confirm your pledge during each summer voluntary curtailment event to increase your chances.

Resources for Georgetown Employees

To find out how you can help Georgetown save, check out the resources below, including a poster you can print (on recycled paper) and hang in your office to help motivate you and your coworkers:

More Resources - To help you save at work and at home: