Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability, housed within Planning and Facilities Management, serves as a resource and catalyst to advance the University’s sustainability mission and goals. Established in 2013, the office builds upon Georgetown's commitment to environmental stewardship and social justice by leading efforts to create a positive campus environmental footprint, facilitating integration of sustainability across functional areas, and providing Georgetown students with experiential learning opportunities in the practice of sustainability.

Office of Sustainability Staff

AudreyAudrey Stewart, LEED AP

Audrey leads Georgetown's Office of Sustainability. She is responsible for facilitating cross-campus collaboration and leading the development and implementation of strategic sustainability plans and initiatives to meet the university's sustainability commitments. She began working at Georgetown as sustainability coordinator in 2010 and was appointed as the Office of Sustainability's founding director when it launched in 2013.

Audrey has been immersed in the field of sustainability for over a decade. She has led participatory community planning efforts for sustainable design at the Rochester Regional Community Design Center, worked at The Conservation Fund to advance triple bottom line conservation projects, and has consulted to counties and municipal governments by creating and delivering tool kits on sustainable food economies.  She holds a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was a Weiss Urban Livability Fellow, and a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Rochester, where she was the institution's first national Udall Scholarship recipient for leadership on the environment and sustainability. She was a member of the university's 2015 SAGE: Future Leaders class, an executive education program at the McDonough School of Business.

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Giulia Headshot

Giulia Manno
Sustainability Program and Metrics Manager

Giulia is the Program and Metrics Manager in Georgetown’s Office of Sustainability, joining the team in 2018.  In her role she manages various campus projects to reduce Georgetown’s environmental footprint, and is responsible for data collection and analysis that helps to track Georgetown’s sustainability progress. She is also currently a board member for RecycleMania; a national waste reduction competition for colleges and universities.

Prior to joining the Georgetown Office of Sustainability, Giulia managed national recycling programs as a coordinator in Keep America Beautiful’s recycling department. She was also a Senior Outreach Coordinator in George Mason University’s Office of Sustainability, where she received her BS in Conservation Studies and Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

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Caroline Flibbert

Caroline Flibbert (COL ‘21)
Sustainability Coordination and Engagement Intern

Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Major: Environmental Biology
Fun Fact: I collect Snapple Bottle Caps!
Other environmental involvement: GREEN Club, Georgetown Environmental Leaders


Karolína Kvačková

Karolína Kvačková (MLASP ‘20)
Intern Coordinator

Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic
Major: Master in Latin American Studies
Fun Fact: I love to sing, but I actually can't sing.
Other environmental involvement: EU Structual Funds Projcts in Assistance Prague


Hannah Funk

Hannah Funk (SFS '20) 
Sustainability Intern
Hometown: Bristol, VT
Major: Culture and Politics
Fun Fact: I learned to downhill ski when I was 3 years old, and it remains my favorite wintertime activity.
Other environmental involvement: Green Club, Community Garden



Chelsea Hafer (COL '22) 
Sustainability Intern
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Major: Anthropology
Fun Fact: I grew up a few blocks away from East High, where High School Musical was filmed.
Other Involvement: Marketing Chair of Green 




Sam Cormier (COL '21) 
Media & Communications Intern

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Spanish and Psychology
Fun fact: I made the ratatouille from Ratatoullie once, and it took me four hours.
Other involvement: The Georgetown Saxatones




Renny Simone (SFS '21) 
Sustainability Intern

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major: Culture and Politics
Fun Fact: I worked on an apple farm in high school.
Other involvement: The Georgetown Voice, GREEN Club




Jennifer Ayres (NHS'22) 
Sustainability Intern

Hometown: Hinsdale, Illinois
Major: Global Health
Fun Fact: I (almost) ate a tarantula.
Other involvement: Varsity Lightweight Crew and International Relations Club



Amelia WalshAmelia Walsh (SFS '20)
Sustainability Intern

Hometown: Sherborn, MA
Major: Science, Technology, & International Affairs
Fun Fact: I play the trombone!
Other Involvement: GREEN Club, Nomadic Theater


Past Interns & Staff

Greg Miller (SFS '14)
Sustainability Metrics and Project Manager

Greg became Georgetown's Sustainability Metrics and Project Manager after serving for two years as Sustainability Programs Coordinator. He previously worked with the Office of Sustainability as an undergraduate Sustainability Fellow in 2013, when he played an instrumental role in Georgetown's attainment of Bicycle-Friendly University certification. Greg begins a Ph.D. program studying sustainable energy in Fall 2018 at UC Davis.


Cassidy Gasteiger (SFS '18)
Coordination & Engagement Intern

Hometown: Lewisburg, PA
Major: Science and Technology in International Affairs (Environment and Energy concentration)
Fun Fact: I had a pet tarantula named Rosie growing up
Other environmental involvement: Designing the Futures Initiative



Trea-Ell Davis (COL '19) 
Coordination & Engagement Intern
Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
Major: Government & African American Studies
Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 7 different states and 2 different countries!


Angela Lu (NHS '20) 
Marketing & Communications Intern

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Healthcare Management and Policy
Fun fact: The main female role's Mandarin Chinese name of a 2008 Taiwanese drama is the same as mine!


Ben Bollero (SFS '20) 
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Major: International Economics
Fun Fact: When I was 12 I was in a commercial for cup ramen.


Maya Hiraki (MSB'20) 
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Major: Management, Leadership, and Innovation (for now, who knows what I switch to)
Fun Fact: I grew up in Hawaii, but I can't surf!



SigneSigne Stroming (SFS '19)
Sustainability Associate
Hometown: Issaquah, Washington
Major: Science, Technology, & International Affairs
Fun Fact: I hadn't been on a plane until my sophomore year of high school, but since then I have traveled to five of the seven continents!



Charles Johnson (SFS'20) 
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Alexandria, LA
Major: International Politics
Fun Fact: In my senior year of high school, I served as the grand marshal of the Homecoming Parade. As we say in Lousiana, "Laissez les bon temps rouler".


Erika Gebhardt (MSB'21) 
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Woodstock, VT
Major: Undeclared in the MSB
Fun fact: My teeth do not like to come out of my mouth so I've had 13 pulled.



Jasmin Ouseph (SFS'19) 
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Fun Fact: I can hula hoop for 15+ consecutive minutes.


Theo Montgomery (SFS '18)
Coordination & Engagement Intern

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Science, Technology, & International Affairs
Fun Fact: I have drunk snake venom and snake blood and prefer them both to tomato juice
Other environmental involvement: GU Environmental Leaders


Eric Chen (SFS '18)
Media & Communications Intern

Hometown: Falmouth, ME
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs (Global Health Concentration)
Fun Fact: Coffee is an essential component of my daily diet (can it be a food group?)


Yuou Wu (SFS '19)
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Beijing, China
Major: International Political Economy
Fun Fact: I once licked a fingertip full of termites in a rain forest in Costa Rica and they taste like tree sap!
Other environmental involvement: Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN), Green Fund


Austin Hong (COL' 18)
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Majors: Environmental Biology, English
Fun Fact: My surgeon used a tiny bit of some dead guy's tendon to fix my knee, so I'm basically only 98% me.
Other environmental involvement: Vice President of the Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environment Network (GREEN)


Patrick MacDonald (SFS '17)
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Major: Culture & Politics
Fun Fact: I spent my junior year abroad in Rio and loved it!

Sandhya Mahadevan (SFS '17)
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs (Energy & Environment Concentration)
Fun Fact: Over the summer, I was obsessed with pie. I made 2-3 pies every weekend, and nearly all of them were blueberry.  

Other environmental involvement: Over the summer, Sandhya interned with Sol Systems, and this year she is working through her senior thesis research to model river flooding in Bangladesh. 

Aaron Silberman (SFS '18)
Sustainability Associate

Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs (Energy & Environment Concentration)
Fun Fact: Aaron lived in Japan for a year as an exchange student during high school. 

Other environmental involvement: Aaron is the founder of the Environmental Future(s) Initiative at Georgetown. He is also an employee of the Designing the Future(s) Initiative with a focus on the environment and climate change, and he is a member of GU Fossil Free. 

Monica Mahal (COL '17)
Coordination & Engagement Intern

Major: Government (minors in Environmental Studies & Economics)



Mandy Lee (SFS '17)
Coordination & Engagement Intern

Major: STIA - Energy & Environment



Danielle Huang (COL '17)
Coordination & Engagement Intern

Major: Environmental Biology 



Patrick Drown (SFS'17)
Coordination and Engagement Intern 

Major: Culture and Politics



Yinuo "Jenny" Zhang (SFS '20)
Sustainability Associate

Major: Undecided



Rachel Charrow (COL '15)

Major: Mathematics
Minors: Environmental Studies, Economics





Meredith Cheney (COL '16)
Communications Intern

Major: Economics






Zhihang Lin (GSAS '14)
Graduate Research Assistant

Degree: Applied Economics





Joe Koech (COL '14)

Major: Government




Catherine Hendren (SFS '14)

Major: Science, Technology and International Affairs




Jane Xie (SFS '14)

Major: Science, Technology and International Affairs




Noreen Sajwani, NHS '15

Major: Health Care Management and Policy






Former Sustainability Ambassadors







Haley Wigglesworth (NHS ’17)

Emma Berg (COL '19)

Gabe Isaacson (MSB '16)

Andrew Lyu (SFS '16)

Makaiah Mohler (COL '16)

Kyle Rice (SFS '16)

Colleen Wood (SFS '14)

2013-2014 Sustainability Fellows

Sustainability Fellowship Group

Back Row (L to R):  Oltan Akin, Joseph Roohan, Juan Dent, Gregory Miller, Rafael Go
Front Row (L to R): Jane Xie, Rachel Charow, Ellen Ebert, Serena Li, Veronica Motley.

In June 2013, ten Undergraduate Sustainability Fellows embarked on a year-long journey of sustainability in theory and practice. The program, sponsored by Georgetown University's Office of the Provost, Department of Culture Communications and Technology, Center for Social Justice, and the Office of Sustainability used the campus as a Living Lab to provide classroom and real-world learning opportunities while helping advance sustainability on campus.

The Fellows work in teams to collect data and implement sustainability projects on campus. Their projects include Donating Reusable Goods, Biking and Transportation, Green Spaces and Storm Water Management, Regents Hall Data Visualization, an empirical study on campus composting practices, and consulting for the SIPS Green Revolving Loan Fund. The data and deliverables produced by the students are directly informing Georgetown’s campus-wide sustainability efforts and plans.