Recycling at Georgetown

Students, faculty, staff and visitors can recycle much of your personal and office waste generated on campus. Explore the information below to find out what and how.

What items can be recycled?

Recyclables square 1 Common Recyclables

Recycling Caddy


Since 2017, residential students can request recycling caddies from their RHOs, to help sort common recyclable materials in their residence hall. This program has been made possible by the Office of Sustainability and Residential Living with sponsorship from The Coca Cola Company.




E waste image

Bulk Items and Electronics


Non recyclables Non-recyclables

Campus community members are encouraged to minimize non-recyclable waste to help reduce material sent to a landfill.  The best waste practice is to reduce the need for new material by minimizing waste from the start, and reusing, recycling or composting the rest. 

Did you know? 

A 2013 audit by students and the Office of Sustainability found that 83% of waste on campus is recyclable.

More Recycling Resources

List of Materials Recyclable on Campus
Click here for a list of all materials that can be recycled on campus.

Recycling Posters for Download

As of 2013, recycling posters are available for download and use by offices, departments and individuals who wish to clarify recycling in their space. During the 2018-2019 academic year, new labels and signage will be developed and distributed to more accurately reflect current recycling practices in front-end recycling bins. This web page will be updated when the new signs are available. Current PDFs for download:

Material Stream Signs
Recycle Station Sign
Recycling Center Poster


To request bins or report a problem, contact Facilities Management:

Facilities Management
(202) 687-3432
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