Campus Energy Conservation Program

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Energy Saving
Program Overview

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On summer days when temperatures climb, Georgetown participates in a region-wide voluntary energy curtailment program to help stabilize the power grid and avoid brownouts in the DC metro area. This effort helps our environment - saving energy and reducing emissions by reducing the need for more-polluting "peaker" power plants - and helps our community by decreasing strain on our electric grid. As a major electricity customer, Georgetown’s participation in these voluntary curtailments, including the actions of our employees, can make a large contribution to these goals.

On curtailment days, Georgetown circulates communications asking the memebers of our campus community to take simple actions to save energy. The University also utilizes our chilled-water thermal storage tank and most efficient chillers and enables our building automation system's demand response function to curb non-essential power use, among other actions to reduce the power load on the DC metro area power grid.

In the program's first year, over 400 faculty and staff members made a pledge to save energy, demonstrating our community-wide commitment to energy conservation and a sustainable campus.


On voluntary energy curtailment days, we ask university employees to take the following actions:

  • Leave your windows and doors closed when the air conditioning is running
  • Adjust your window blinds to let in daylight but block heat from direct sunlight
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting in your office
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Put your computer to sleep and turn off your monitors when not in use
  • Place your printers into low-power mode when not in use
  • Share this “Top 10 Ways To Save” Poster in your office
  • Put these tips into practice every day for maximum savings!
Resources for Georgetown Employees

To save energy in your office:

To save energy at home (external resources):