Georgetown Green Offices: Steps to Certification


Find out what the program entails by reviewing the Green Offices FAQ, Certification Process, and Green Action Credit List.


If you would like to participate, it is recommended that you contact the Sustainability Coordinator with any additional questions and to express your interest.


If you are not the primary decision-maker for your office, determine the appropriate way to engage your office leadership. They will need to be on board to complete the rest of the steps. The Sustainability Coordinator is happy to discuss the program with your office’s decision-makers at this stage, if desired.


A Green Offices kick-off and orientation led by campus sustainability staff should be scheduled at a time when all staff can be present (either at a regularly scheduled staff meeting, or another convenient time). This is a chance for your whole office to learn more about the program. It takes about 20 minutes, including questions. If you decide to participate, your office will earn credit toward getting certified for the very first meeting! Contact the Sustainability Coordinator to schedule an orientation.


In this step, participating offices will implement a variety of simple green initiatives that are designed to help you conserve energy, reduce waste, and make more environmentally friendly purchases. Implement at least 14 items from the Green Action Credit List, including the 9 starred items which are required for all offices, to qualify as a “Green Office”. Ambitious offices can implement 19 or more total actions and will be recognized as “Green Office Champions.” The program has been designed to provide flexibility so that you can select the actions that make the most sense for your particular office, and can even come up with your own ideas.

  • Select which actions and what level of certification your office will go for this year.
  • Identify one or two staff members to be your Green Office contact(s) to the Program Coordinator.
  • Set a target time line for when you would like to submit for certification.
  • Schedule time at staff meetings to review the Green Tips.
  • Sustainability staff will check in with you from time to time to check on your progress and see if you need assistance implementing any programs or initiatives.

Tip: While your office can determine internally how you will coordinate and implement the green initiatives, it is recommended that you may want to nominate a “Green Team,” a small group of about 2-3 people, that will champion the program within the office and also be the main point(s) of communication to the Sustainability Office.


Once you have implemented your selected green office practices, submit your application, including the cover page and the Green Actions Credit List, electronically to the Sustainability Coordinator. Upon review and verification of your completed action list, you are certifiably Green!

In recognition for your office’s efforts, you will receive:

  • A Hoya Green Office certificate to display in or outside your office.
  • Recognition for your accomplishments on the Georgetown Sustainability website.
  • An electronic logo to display on your website to show your green commitment to your online visitors.
  • Opportunities to show off and share your office’s proudest green accomplishments to other GU employees at a celebration.
  • Possible future opportunities for your office to win raffle prizes or other goodies.