Switch It Off Challenge

The 2016 Switch It Off Challenge ran from October 17th to November 13th. This friendly, month-long competition between GU Residential Communities helps to save energy and cut carbon emissions.

Congratulations to Henle Village for winning Most Energy Savings, reducing energy use by 9.3% compared to baseline data!


Why the Challenge? Switch It Off is part of the University's effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and create a culture of sustainability on campus. The competition encourages Hoyas to reduce energy waste through conscious daily choices.

Its purpose is two-fold, helping Georgetown meet our goal of cutting our greenhouse gas emissions in half by the year 2020 while also building sustainable habits that Hoyas will carry with them on the Hilltop and beyond.


Competition Leaderboard

View the competition leaderboard, below, to see which residential communities saved the most energy compared to a 2015 baseline! Use the up and down arrows at the bottom to see all Communities that competed.


Congratulations to Henle Village for winning Most Energy Savings and Copley Hall for winning Highest Participation! Henle saved 8,510 kWh of electricity compared to 2015 baseline data, a 9.3% savings. If all Residential Communities saved as much as Henle, then in just four weeks the University would save:

  • Over 90,000 kWh of energy
  • Almost $10,000 in energy costs
  • About 5 US homes worth of energy
  • CO2 emissions equivalent to 875 new trees

View a summary of this year's results here!

competition details

The 2016 Switch It Off Challenge had three ways to win!

Save Energy

Step 1: SAVE ENERGY! Students followed these Top 10 Ways to Save Energy - simple everyday actions that add up to a big impact! Henle Village saved the most electricity compared to October 2015 baseline data and won in the category of Most Energy Savings, winning a catered study break, 3 solar-powered wireless speakers, and six $25 Via Umbria gift cards.

Switch it Off Pledge

Step 2: TAKE THE PLEDGE! Students took the Switch It Off Challenge Pledge, a personal commitment to help save energy on campus. Copley Hall had the highest proportion of residents taking the pledge and won in the category of Highest Participation, winning 3 solar-powered wireless speakers and six $25 Via Umbria gift cards.


Step 3: COMPETE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Students engaged with the competition by posting selfies and group photos of their energy-saving tip(s) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #switchitoffGU and @sustainableGU. Twelve students were awarded with Weekly Prizes, including from gift cards to local businesses and cool solar-powered electronics.

Energy Dashboard

For the first time, Georgetown used the Lucid Building Dashboard platform to track and compare the real-time energy use by Residential Communities and other select buildings on campus.

Click on the icons below to view dashboard data from any device, or click the dashboard image to access the full Energy Dashboard from your laptop or desktop.



Don't see an icon for your Residential Community above? Unfortunately, not all communities could be included in the first phase of the Dashboard due to meter limitations. We will explore adding additional buildings to the Dashboard in the future.

Supported by

Switch It Off 2016 was a university initiative made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Office of Sustainability, Residential Living, University Planning & Facilities Management, the Office of Utilities & Energy Programs and other partners across campus and in the community.

Thanks to Coca-Cola for sponsoring the development of the Georgetown University Building Energy Dashboard!