Community Engagement

Georgetown is institutionally committed to ongoing sustainability intitiatives. Student organizations and external sources provide a range of on-campus events and information to learn more about the issue.

Sustainability Advisory Group

The sustainability advisory group was formed in the Spring of 2007. The group helps Georgetown understand the underlying mechanisms which might positively affect climate through potential changes in behaviors and processes emerging from interaction among those interested in alternate energy systems, the environment, and social dimensions of sustainability. The group includes senior administrators, faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students.

The group advises the Senior Vice President in order to develop a plan that will lead to a reduction of Georgetown's environmental footprint.

The sustainability advisory group is co-chaired by Karen Frank, VP for Facilities & Student Housing and Timothy Barbari, Dean & Assoc Provost for Research.

University Memberships
  • Ivy Plus: Georgetown is a member of the Ivy Plus Sustainability Working Committee that has identified a series of shared goals, from reducing greenhouse gases to increasing environmental stewardship as part of the 14 most visible universities in the nation. We are collectively taking action to pursue sustainability on our campuses which go beyond our institution with an overall objective to maximize cross-institutional collaboration in ways that positively impact each institution's sustainability efforts.

Student Organizations
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