Recycling at Georgetown

Georgetown is committed to sustainable waste management. With your help, we can reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can recycle much of your personal and office waste generated on campus. Explore the information below to find out what and how.

Mixed Recycling

Georgetown uses a mixed recycling system, which means all common recyclable materials (with the exception of corrugated cardboard) should be placed in the same general mixed recycling bin. This shift is meant to make recycling simpler for our University community members and reduce contamination in the waste stream. Please help Georgetown recycle properly by always following the labels on the bins!

Recycling and Composting Signs

Print your own sustainable waste sustainable waste management signage for your event, office, or organization:

What items can be recycled?


  • Unwaxed Cups & Containers
  • Flattened Cardboard (not corrugated)
  • Milk, Juice, & Soup Cartons
  • Newspaper / Magazines
  • Books / Phone Books
  • Junk Mail & Office Paper

(all items clean & empty)

*Corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed in designated cardboard recycling areas
*No Tissues


  • Cups & Containers
  • Bottles & Lids
  • Bulky Items

(all items clean & empty)
*No Plastic Bags
*No Foam Polystyrene
*No Straws or Utensils


  • Steel & Aluminum
  • Bottles/Cans/Containers

(all items clean & empty)
*No Paint Cans


Examples of non-recyclables like styrofoam cups, plastic grocery bags, plastic wrap, plastic straws, chip bags, and plastic utensils.

Campus community members are encouraged to minimize non-recyclable waste to help reduce material sent to a landfill.  The best waste practice is to reduce the need for new material by minimizing waste from the start, and reusing, recycling or composting the rest. 

Bulk Items and Electronics

E waste image

Recycled in separate streams:

More Recycling Resources

Recycling Labels for Download

Mixed Recycling/Cardboard/Landfill Labels

More Information

To request bins or report a problem, contact Facilities Management:

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(202) 687-3432
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