Degree Programs and Curricula Related to Sustainability

Students seeking a degree or academic programs related to environmental sustainability may be interested in the following programs offered at Georgetown. This list will be updated as curricula evolve and new programs develop.

Undergraduate Programs

The BS in Environment & Sustainability from Georgetown’s College of Arts & Sciences and the Earth Commons Institute equips students for a lifetime of environmental changemaking through hands-on learning, interdisciplinary perspectives, immersive experiences, personal development, and a diverse and hopeful community invested in wider transformation.

Within The College, the Biology Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Environmental Biology and Biology of Global Health, and a minor in Environmental Studies.

The Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) also offers a major in Science, Technology and International Affairs, with a concentration in Environment and Energy.

Additionally, science students in The College who wish to broaden their understanding of the impact of science and technology on society, and the mutual influence of economics, politics and culture on science and technology and vice versa, are eligible for a minor in Science, Technology, and International Affairs.

The McDonough School of Business (MSB) offers a Sustainable Business Fellows program to both MSB and non-MSB undergraduate students, equipping students with knowledge and practical experience to lead and manage successful businesses with a deep understanding of the complex social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century. 

Graduate Programs

The Earth Commons Institute along with the McDonough School of Business and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers the MS in Environment and Sustainability Management that blends scientific knowledge with business principles.

The MS in Environment & International Affairs is an interdisciplinary degree from the Earth Commons and the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Science, Technology, and International Affairs program that meets the growing demand for environmental science and policy expertise to address the most pressing global environmental issues of our time.

The McDonough School of Business (MSB) offers an MBA certificate in Sustainable Business. In partnership with the Earth Commons, the MSB also offers a Master of Science in Environment & Sustainability Management as of Fall 2022.

The McCourt School of Public Policy offers a Master of Public Policy with a track in Environmental and Regulatory Policy.

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences offers a Master of Science in Environmental Metrology & Policy.

Georgetown Law offers a focused curriculum in Environmental Law.

The Department of History offers its M.A. and Ph. D. candidates a thematic strength in environmental history, and annually awards a full fellowship in Environmental History to an incoming doctoral student.

For information about a specific program listed here, please contact the School or Department directly.

For even more information about academic opportunities in sustainability and the environment at GU, visit the Earth Commons.

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