Switch It Off Challenge

Help save energy and cut carbon emissions this fall by participating in Georgetown University’s 7th Annual Switch It Off Challenge!  

This friendly, month-long competition between Residence Halls runs from October 3rd to October 30th, 2016. Find details below on how to help your Hall win!

purpose and impact

Why the Challenge? Switch It Off is part of the University's effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and create a culture of sustainability on campus. The competition encourages Hoyas to reduce energy waste through conscious daily choices. Its purpose is two-fold, helping Georgetown meet our goal of cutting our greenhouse gas emissions in half by the year 2020 while also building sustainable habits that Hoyas will carry with them on the Hilltop and beyond.

Impact: In recent years, Hoyas have saved over 28,000 kWh in just 5 weeks through the Switch It Off Challenge. At this rate over the school year, Hoyas would save enough electricity to power 17 average US homes for a year - nearly $85,000 worth of energy.

competition details

How to compete: Follow the 3 steps below to help bring your hall to victory!

Save Energy

Step 1: SAVE ENERGY! Follow these Top 10 Ways to Save Energy - simple everyday actions that add up to a big impact. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own ways to save! The residence hall that saves the most electricity compared to 2015 baseline data will win in the category of Most Energy Savings

Switch it Off Pledge

Step 2: TAKE THE PLEDGE! Take the Switch It Off Challenge Pledge, a personal commitment to help save energy on campus. You’ll help your hall win in the award category of Highest Participation, and you might even give your hall an edge in saving energy - research shows that people who pledge action are more likely to follow through!


Step 3: COMPETE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Post a selfie or group photo of your energy-saving tip(s) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #switchitoffGU and @sustainableGU to enter the Switch It Off Social Media Challenge. You'll be entered for a chance to win Weekly Individual Prizes like local gift cards and solar-powered electronics. Follow @sustainableGU for details throughout the month! 

Competition Standings - Track the Winners!

Timeline: Social Media Challenge winners and weekly standings will be announced weekly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hall-wide winners will be announced in early November. You can also track your hall's progress in real-time on Georgetown's new online Energy Dashboard! Details, below.

How are energy savings measured? Energy savings are measured as a percentage reduction in electricity use compared to the baseline month of October in 2015.

Real-time Energy Dashboard: For the first time this year, Georgetown is using the Lucid Building Dashboard platform to track and compare energy use between Residence Halls. Anyone, anytime, can check the dashboard and see real-time data on energy consumption from GU residence halls! Scroll down to access the dashboard data on mobile, or click through from your laptop or desktop to access the Energy Dashboard. See how much your hall has saved and who you have to beat! 

Social Media Updates: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for weekly updates on who's in the lead!




Supported by

Switch It Off 2016 is a university initiative made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Office of Sustainability, Residential Living, University Planning & Facilities Management, the Office of Utilities & Energy Programs and other partners across campus and in the community.

Thanks to Coca-Cola for sponsoring the development of the Georgetown University Building Energy Dashboard!