New Student Resources

The Office of Sustainability is committed to advancing sustainability efforts at Georgetown, whether it’s through institutional action or promoting sustainable living for its student body. As we welcome new students to our community this fall, we have compiled this list of resources to highlight Georgetown sustainability efforts and help Hoyas live more sustainably on the Hilltop and beyond.

Green Campus and Sustainable Living

Top 10 Sustainable Living Tips for Hoyas

If you only do 10 things to care for our planet, here are 10 actions you can take!

Sustainable Remote Living Guide

This Remote Living Guide was created to help Georgetown students navigate the COVID-19 crisis in an environmentally sustainable way with recommendations to reduce carbon footprint while living remotely.

Sustainability Tips for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here are several sustainable actions you can take that may be particularly important during the pandemic.

Sustainability (Virtual) Tour

The Sustainability Tour highlights selected features that demonstrate the university‚Äôs commitment to sustainability, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our watershed, support pollinator habitats on campus and more.

Academic Sustainablity Resources

Sustainability Courses

Georgetown offers over 300 courses related to sustainability, including environmental and social sustainability. Check out this list for ideas of how you can learn about sustainability in the classroom.

Core Pathways on Climate Change

The Core Pathway on Climate Change is an interdisciplinary program that allows undergraduate students to satisfy core curricular requirements by exploring the complex global challenge of climate change.

Environmental Studies (Minor)

The Environmental Studies program emphasizes science, policy, and the humanities in equal parts to help cultivate critical and constructive perspectives on emergent environmental issues.

Georgetown Environment Initiative (GEI)

The Georgetown Environment Initiative is a university-wide effort to advance the multidisciplinary study of the environment and sustainability in relation to society, scientific understanding, sound policy, and the complex challenges we face as stewards of the Earth.

Student Engagement Opportunities

Georgetown Environmental Leaders (GEL) Network

Georgetown Environmental Leaders is a student group that connects students interested in environmental issues to environmental groups and departments at Georgetown. Sign up for the GEL newsletter here!

Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN)

GREEN is Georgetown’s largest environmental club. It is organized in different teams to help students learn about different aspects of sustainability such as environmental justice, energy consumption, aquaponics, gardening, composting, and recycling.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education runs nature exploration trips for Georgetown students, faculty and affiliates during the school year. You can also rent outdoor gears for your personal adventures.

GUSA Sustainability

GUSA Sustainability is a student government body advocating on behalf of the university student body and creating policies on issues of sustainability.

Other Resources

Sustainable Gift Guide

This holiday season, make a conscious choice for your loved ones and our planet. Check out the Sustainable Gift Guide from the GUSA Sustainability team and make a difference with your holiday shopping.